The Warren E. Eaton Memorial Trophy




2019 No Award
2018 Mr John D. Godfrey John is currently chairman of the SSA Foundation, chairman of the Fundraising and Development Committee, and a member of the Awards Committee. He has spent enormous time and effort recently developing a newly invigorated program for SSA Fundraising and Planned Giving, including web-based presentations and donation options. John has served as a member of and chairman of the Contest Rules Committee. He has served as Contest Director and as Scorer at numerous contests, including scoring the 2012 World Gliding Championships and the 2015 Pan American Gliding Championships. He has supported the US Team as US Team Captain at international competitions and also as webmaster for the US Team Committee. He has served as a member of and chairman of the Trophy Committee. He has supported the Youth/Junior Committee. He has provided frequent website assistance to the SSA and to various committees. John was a state governor for many years. Given his many years of service and the depth of his involvement in so many aspects of the SSA, it is with the greatest appreciation that he is recognized with the SSA’s highest award.
2017 Mr Francis L. Whiteley Frank Whiteley is presented the 2017 SSA Eaton Award for his extraordinary service to the SSA over many years. Frank has served as Region 9 director since 2010 and as SSA Vice Chair and Secretary since 2011. He either now serves or in the past has served as chairman of the SSA committees for Clubs & Chapters, Commercial Operators & Business Members, and State Governors & Record Keepers. He serves as a member on the SSA committees for Growth & Retention, Youth & Juniors, Electronic Communications, Affiliates & Divisions, and SSA-EAA Coordination. He helps with SSA website issues and content. He manages the SSA Facebook page and the Lets Go Gliding website. He serves as SSA liaison with the Civil Air Patrol. He has been the Colorado State Governor from 2005 to the present. He works with SSA chapters to keep their members and information current with the SSA and helps direct efforts to renew lapsed SSA members. Frank is the go-to person for almost anything related to soaring. Frank, please take care of yourself because we don’t know what we’d do without you!
2015 Mr Eric H Mozer Eric has been involved in soaring in many ways. After being the head of the U.S. delegation to the International Gliding Commission for many years, he was elected its President in 2013, an office he still holds. He is the first American elected as President since 1976. As of late, he has been busy organizing the World Air Games which were held in Dubai. 875 athletes from 55 countries competed in the biggest air sports event ever organized. Eric has dedicated himself to the service of the sport of soaring, both domestically and internationally. He has served SSA as a member of the Board of Directors and as a Trustee of the SSA Foundation. He established the Junior Team Trophy and has been a contest director. For all of his contributions to SSA as a volunteer, and in recognition of his leadership in our worldwide movement, SSA awards the 2015 Warren Eaton Trophy to Eric Mozer.
2014 Mr Stephen A Northcraft This award is presented to STEPHEN A. (“STEVE”) NORTHCRAFT in grateful recognition of his more than 23 years of service to the SSA and to the soaring community. Steve has been an SSA Regional Director (Region 8) since 1991. He has also been a Director of the Soaring Safety Foundation and has served on numerous other volunteer committees, including: Naming and Memorials Committee, Nominating Committee, Technical Committee, Representation Committee and the Government Liaison Committee. It is Steve’s continuous service on the SSA’s Government Liaison Committee, however, that has earned Steve the Eaton Award his year. As either a member or Chairman of the Committee for more than 23 years, Steve has either personally handled or directed the work of other SSA volunteers in many of the most important regulatory issues facing the sport of Soaring. Steve’s ongoing efforts to maintain open lines of communications with the FAA, to insure that the voice of the soaring community is heard in regulatory issues, and to assist SSA members with regulatory concerns is in the finest traditions of the SSA. The SSA is proud to recognize his outstanding service through the presentation of this award.
2013 Mr Phillip Umphres This award is for many years of extraordinary effort in rehabilitating, preserving, solidifying and fostering the growth of the core of the SSA. Phil began his tour of duty in 2007, shortly after the discovery of embezzlement. Rather than turn down the job, he rolled up his sleeves and began the tedious process of straightening out the books, and literally helping in putting a set of books and accounting procedures together. After serving as Treasurer for two years, he went on to lead the organization as Chairman. He is also responsible for obtaining a formal opinion from the FAA that effectively expanded the available towing resources for operations and contests. After serving as Chairman of the SSA, he served as Region 10 Director. Now, he has come full circle. He will again take over the reins as Treasurer for our organization. Phil is a rare volunteer who has done so much for the foundation and preservation of our organization and deserves the highest praise through the presentation of this award.
2012 Mr Kenneth G. Sorenson For recognition of many years of leading the contest committee who have had oversight of the competition efforts in the US and in fact in the world. The culmination of Ken’s effort was a very successful effort as the Championship Director of the 32nd World Gliding Championships at Uvalde Texas in 2012. For almost three years Ken directed and detailed the sometimes intense planning involved in an undertaking of this magnitude. Ken attended many meetings in Uvalde to coordinate with Team Uvalde (City, Convention and Business bureau, Airport, FAA, businesses and concerned citizens ). Ken also attended the 2010 WGC in Szeged Hungary as an FAI Steward to observe and participate in that competition in order to prepare for his directorship of the 32nd WGC in Uvalde, Texas. Ken participated in monthly, and towards the end weekly, meetings of the WGC organization committee. Ken did all of this at considerable sacrifice of his valuable time, talents and financial resources. His ability to smooth over even the worst conflicts using his sound reasoning and leadership made the 2012 32nd WGC a resounding success that will surely go down in history as one of the best WGC's ever. For many years, as head of the SSA contest board, Ken has worked to build and promote competition soaring. This includes ensuring that we have a good consistent rules process, with member/contest pilot input as a prime focus so that everyone has a chance to speak. He has been instrumental in ensuring that there are new contest sites, and that the processes for contests were made easy so everyone who wanted to “run” a contest could do it without reinventing the wheel. His tireless efforts have contributed much to the art and sport of soaring flight.
2011 Mr. James B Short For a long record of being involved in SSA governance and the highly successful Soaring100 celebration at Kitty Hawk, NC.
2011 Ms. Simine Short For a long record of captivating our history through her books and the highly successful Soaring100 celebration at Kitty Hawk, NC.
2010 Mr Burt Compton Burt has managed the SSAI Master Cross-Country Program and developed the unique Soaring Safety Foundation "Site Survey" program. Burt also scripted and produced three safety videos for the Soaring Safety Foundation and wrote the only book on flying the tow plane, "The Towpilot Manual." Burt has worked tirelessly with the Soaring Safety Foundation, and has served the Soaring Society of America as a Director for many years.
2009 Ms. Dianne Black-Nixon Dianne served as SSA Chairman of the Board for 2006, 2007, and 2008, one of the most difficult periods in the history of the SSA during which its very survival was in question. The discovery in 2006 of four years of embezzlement by the SSA CFO, and a corresponding lack of oversight by the Executive Director left the Society in an almost impossible financial position and with a leadership vacuum at the administrative level. Dianne stepped up to the bar, managed to hold things together and by her leadership, her actions, and above all her patience, helped the SSA emerge a stronger and better organization from a nearly catastrophic event.
2008 Mr. Robert Wander
2007 Mr Dean Carswell
2006 Mr Douglas J. Easton
2005 No Award
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2003 Ms. Jacqueline Payne
2003 Mr James M Payne
2003 Ms. Linda Murray
2003 Mr. John Murray
2002 Mr. Mike Culver
2001 Mr R. Franklin Reid
2001 Ms Jayne E. Reid
2000 Ms. Doris F. Grove
2000 Mr. Thomas L. Knauff
1999 No Award
1998 Mr Alcide Santilli
1997 Mr Bernald S Smith
1996 Miss Bertha M Ryan
1995 Mr Richard N Hall Jr
1994 Mr Charlie Spratt
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1991 Mr. John C. Lincoln II
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1983 Jack Gomez
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1978 Ted Sharp
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1969 H. Marshall Claybourn
1968 Leslie Arnold
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1965 John D. Ryan
1964 Mr Paul F Bikle
1963 Wolfgang Klemperer
1962 Richard E. Schreder
1961 Harner Selvidge
1960 Ralph S. Barnaby
1959 Mr E.J. Reeves
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1957 Anne Briegleb
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1956 Mr. Rodney E. Franklin
1955 Earl R. Southee
1954 Ted Nelson
1953 Mr Paul A Schweizer
1953 Ernest Schweizer
1952 Jon D. Carsey
1951 Mr. William S Ivans
1950 Mr Paul MacCready Jr.
1949 Harland Ross
1949 Robert F. Symons
1948 Mr. Francis B Compton
1947 Paul Tuntland
1946 Bernard L. Wiggin
1945 Ben Shupack
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1941 Mr Floyd J Sweet
1940 Robert M. Stanley
1939 Richard C. duPont