SSA Exceptional Achievement Award




2018 Perlan II Mission Team In one week this summer the Perlan II glider not only beat its own official glider altitude record set in 2017 but then beat that performance two days later. On August 26, 2018 the first record-breaking flight of the year took the glider to a pressure altitude of over 62,000 feet (60,669 feet GPS altitude) breaking the official record of 52,221 feet GPS altitude set on September 3, 2017, in the same remote region of Argentine Patagonia. According to the Airbus news release, this flight exceeded the Armstrong Line, the point in the atmosphere above which an unprotected human’s blood will boil if an aircraft loses pressurization. Two days later, on August 28, 2018, the Perlan II team took the glider above 65,000 feet to set yet another unofficial record for gliders. Earlier on August 17, with the help of a Grob Egrett turboprop tow plane they also set an unofficial record of the “highest glider tow ever recorded.” at just over 44,000 feet. As this nomination was being edited the team actually set another record, over 76,000 feet. These are truly amazing flights and there may be more to come this year. While these flights remain to be officially recognized by the FAI, the phenomenal technical accomplishments by the entire team are worthy of SSA recognition.
2014 Mr. Richard Kellerman Mr. Richard Kellerman is awarded the SSA Exceptional Achievement Award in recognition of his efforts to support the SSA and the sport of soaring over many years. Richard has been a member of the Soaring Society of America for over 20 years and is recognized throughout our sport for accomplishments in two arenas: (a) his skills as a contest weatherman and, (b) leading the development of quality navigation instruments for cross country soaring.
2013 Mr. Gregory M Cole Greg designed and built the DuckHawk. In 2012, it became the first American designed and built sailplane to win an FAI class U.S. Nationals since 1977. Through the use of prepreg carbon and creative engineering, Greg has advanced the state of the art of sailplane design and manufacturing. Greg is also deeply involved in the development of the Perlan Project. Windward Performance, his Bend, Oregon-based company, also produces the SparrowHawk sailplane, and has a high-performance 2-seat motorglider, the under development.
2013 Ms Sarah Arnold Sarah has numerous Tennessee state records, has participated in two World Championships, with a Bronze medal in France. She has accumulated over 2200 hours of glider time, and holds many ratings. Often she will tow, then hop in a sailplane and compete in regional contests. She became the youngest owner/operator of a commercial gliderport and has shared the joy of soaring with many people.
2012 Mr. Robert DeLeon Nominated for the SSA Exceptional Achievement Award for 2012, for his development and branding of the SSA "Let's Go Gliding" promotional campaign. This simple statement invites everyone to go gliding. The attractive website and dynamic graphics show that flying gliders is an exciting choice for people of all ages.
2012 Mr Malcolm D Stevenson Jr During the winter of 2011-2012, David Stevenson was appointed to the SSA State Governor and Record Keepers Committee for the purpose of reconciling current state soaring records with the current online database. This was a project David suggested and was a long standing issue. The SSA online records database was not imported when the SSA web site backend was redesigned in 2005. Despite repeated efforts, several states records were not never updated. Using the Soaring magazine archives and an old database archive, David assured that current state records were reflected for each state by category and class. As a result, pilots seeking to attain soaring achievements by bettering existing state records could best understand the goal needed to exceed an existing record. This diligent work and initiative shown by David Stevenson is an exceptional achievement by an SSA member.
2010 Mr Sergio Colacevich For implementing the unique and exceptional Alby traveling trophy. The progress of the trophy has provided nationwide publicity and has captured the imagination of soaring pilots throughout the United States.
2007 Mr. James C. Kellett
2006 Ms. Elizabeth J Schwenkler
2005 Dr James L Skydell
2004 Mr John Seaborn John's support for the US Team including devising and implementing an administrative and fundraising structure for its permanent organization is truly appreciated. John has spent countless hours working for the benefit of soaring and the U.S. Team. Seaborn has done an outstanding job in organizing, funding, and publicizing the Soaring Society of America's efforts to improve our posture in international sailplane racing. John's commitment to transparency drove him to his most significant single success among so many; the single-handed creation of the US Team web site, a superb collection of Team information including policies, history, current news, daily reporting from competition venues, support for Juniors programs and email news programs.
2004 Mr Charles Minner Charlie acted as Contest Manager at the 2004 Standard Class and World Class National Contests. He not only acted as Contest Manager, but he assisted the group in Hobbs in hosting this contest in a very short period of time.
2004 Mr. Dennis W. Wright For special efforts in organizing and running the 2004 Standard Class and World Class National Contests.
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1972 Ms Helen R Dick
1972 Betsy Howell
1970 Edward H. Butts
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1970 Fritz Kahl
1970 John W. Williams
1970 S. Calif. Competition Club
1970 Mr. Ben W Greene
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1970 Mr George B. Moffat Jr
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1968 Mrs. Jean Doty
1966 Mr George B. Moffat Jr